Krav Maga Self Defense

Cleveland Krav Maga Self Defense

Ready to learn a modern hand-to-hand combat system taught to the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement? Learn how thousands of men and women have learned to defend themselves in any situation.

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Kickboxing Fitness

Cleveland Kickboxing Fitness

Fight Fit offers three different type of Heavy Bag classes to get you an awesome high cardio workout while learning to punch and kick for power, speed and accuracy. You will learn the how to's of kickboxing as well as sweat away stress and tone muscles.

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Fit to Fight

Cleveland Fit to Fight

Fit to Fight is the missing link connecting fitness to fighting and fighting to fitness! Whether you're looking to get into shape or hone your sparring skills, Fit to Fight in Middleburg Heights is the ideal training program!

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Get Fit and Go Home Safe! Learn Real Krav Maga Self Defense in Cleveland!

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Holiday Gift Certificates Available

Great way to get someone started! 40 classes a week! Krav Maga and Fitness classes offered everyday - 7 days a week! Certified instructors in Northeast Ohio's only Krav Maga training center.

Just $89

A complete Krav Maga training center

Fight Fit offers more than just a Krav class. We are Northeast Ohio's complete Krav Maga training center offering a full curriculum from beginner to advance with classes covering many aspects of


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